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Hey you Power House, High Performing, Kindom Building, Woman Entrepreneur. 

I know that you are ready to bridge the gap in becoming the CEO in your business and doing it all yourself. 

You are a visionary, and God has so much in store for your business, but you feel that you are not in a position to reap that harvest effectively. 

You are ready to show up as the leader in your industry, but you cannot seem to get out of the backend of your business. 

God has given you an incredible vision, and with Strategic Planning, Streamlined Systems, Profit Producing Processes,  and Productive Teams, I can help you Handle It! 

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Handle It VIP Services & 
Online Business Management

Laser-focused sessions, allowing you to brainstorm, review, or strategize towards your business, remove the overwhelm and take action with a plan. 

Bespoke consulting and counsel to support you in implementing systems, delegating efficiently, and developing the foundational structure to scale without overwhelm. 

Done-for-you services that establish streamlined processes, automated systems, and a powerhouse team to support your legacy building business. 


“Shamandrian is nothing less than an organizational powerhouse with a heart of gold. She has this inherent ability to navigate, optimize, and create efficient business systems effortlessly so I can pour myself into what I do best.

Kiera Daily
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